Tips on Using Your New Outdoor Fireplace in Winnetka, IL

As you think about where your new outdoor fireplace should go, what materials to use, and what style you want, you also want to put thought into how you will use it. Before you’ll be ready to light up your first fire and bring out the marshmallows, consider these tips on using your new outdoor fireplace in Winnetka, IL. You’ll get more out of your investment while enhancing both the aesthetics and the safety of the feature. 

Understand Your Fuel Source

Your outdoor fireplace will have a fuel source of either wood or gas. For a gas fireplace, you should know where the gas lines run, how to turn off the source safely, and how to operate it without putting anyone’s safety in jeopardy. A wood-burning fireplace requires a bit more work to get it started and to put it out safely every night you use it. A fire extinguisher purchase is a must. For advice on the best way of using your outdoor fireplace, your landscape contractor can be a great resource.

Know What Situations Warrant a Service Call

Tips on Using Your New Outdoor Fireplace in Winnetka, IL

It’s optimal to have your outdoor fireplace inspected annual, but sometimes situations will arise that require special attention outside of the routine. For example, signs of rust or corrosion, the smell of gas, or a problem with the chimney portion of the outdoor fireplace are all signs that you should may need to postpone use until you’ve had professionals come in to check out the fire feature for safety purposes.

Be Careful About Wood Storage

Stacks of wood are great if you use your outdoor fireplace frequently, but when wood stacks linger for long, termites may notice and move in to this critical supply to your outdoor fireplace. You could prevent the destructive invasion by storing only the amount of wood that will be used in the near future or keeping this risk in mind when you choose your storage options. 

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Perfect Your Fire-Starting Technique

While a gas-fueled outdoor fireplace merely requires the flip of a switch, you may need some practice when it comes to getting your wood-burning fireplace going. You certainly don’t want to fumble as you try to get the flame to catch and flourish. For wood-burning outdoor fireplaces, remember that kindling and placement are critical. Once your fire is burning well, you will not want to overfeed your fireplace and risk out-of-control flames. 

Accessorize with Useful, High-Shine Tools

Your outdoor fireplace will require accessories. Depending on the type of fuel you’re using, you’ll need a fire poker and other tools to keep your fireplace going, and you might opt to include cooking accessories as well. Whatever accessories you choose, shiny, high quality tools will enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor fireplace design while meeting the functional demands of the fire feature.

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Stock Up on S’mores and Blankets

Ultimately, one of the most important tips for using your outdoor fireplace is to use it! Take advantage of its presence to further family bonds, entertain more often, and extend your use of the outdoors to chilly times of the year. During the warmer seasons, you can make s’mores and enjoy a campy sing-along, and during the cooler months, you can snuggle with cocoa, a blanket, and the people closest to you—all while enjoying the cozy brilliance of your outdoor fireplace feature.