Ways to Complement Your Patio Pavers with a Convenient Seating Wall in Lake Forest, IL

A backyard patio is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy your landscape. Entertaining for large parties can require lots of extra seating for guests, and a seating wall is a fitting solution. Masonry walls add definition to the space, and they can double as casual seating for parties and events. Here’s how you can complement your patio pavers with masonry seating walls for your Lake Forest, IL, home.

Modern Seating

Ways to Complement Your Patio Pavers with a Convenient Seating Wall in Lake Forest, IL

Keeping a modern look for your patio is easy with Lineo Dimensional Stone by Unilock. This wall unit has a smooth finish with neutral colors so your wall can look neat and clean. A great accent to any contemporary floor paver, like Senzo by Unilock, Lineo Dimensional Stone creates beautiful, straight walls that can add a gorgeous look to your patio. Universal coping provides a flat, smooth surface that can serve as inviting seating space. For a high-end look in your space, incorporate narrow, rectangular masonry islands and choose planters or a water feature for the inside space. This is a great layout for a large space that needs functional elements, and will add elegance to your design.

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Rustic Gatherings

If you’re the type of person who likes to have spontaneous backyard relaxing with friends, you want a convenient way to gather around a fire pit and talk. Seating walls are an excellent choice to take your fire pit experience to the next level. Dedicate an area of your landscape to creating a beautiful, natural-looking fire pit with Brussels Dimensional System by Unilock. The tumbled aesthetic of the pavers adds an earthy texture to your landscape, and the tapered components let you build rounded structures. Complement a round fire pit with a matching round seating wall made with Brussels Fullnose coping. It has a smooth edge that allows your guests to sit comfortably by the fire and enjoy each other’s company. Continue the wall up the back of the seating to create privacy.

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Around a Cozy Fireplace             

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to incorporate a fire feature in your design that’s more contained. The Tuscany fireplace by Unilock is a gorgeous pre-built fireplace made with Brussels Dimensional System and Copthorne accents. It could be the perfect addition to your outdoor dining or kitchen area. Seating walls on both sides of the fireplace allow for people to sit near the fire safely.

The Bella fireplace is made with Rivercrest Wall, so it has the look of stacked stone and is rich with texture. Continue with this material to create seating walls all around your fireplace, and never worry about not having enough chairs. Ledgestone coping has the natural appearing texture to match, and provides a nice surface for your guests to rest their feet. Perfect for any size space, you can have your walls go straight out for an open concept, or like a square for a cozy feeling.

These are just some of the things that you can do with seating walls to add definition, function, and style to your patio. With tapered components and a variety of materials to choose from, you can create your own unique vision for the party-ready outdoor space. Let us know what kind of space you want to create, and let’s make it happen!