The Difference Between Professional Lawn Care Service and Landscaping in Buffalo Grove, IL

When you are searching for a company to greatly improve your Buffalo Grove, IL, landscape, you may not need to look any further than your local professional lawn care service company. Some companies are known for doing it all—from designing and constructing patios and other features in landscapes to making sure those landscapes look their best on a regular basis. Ideally, to ensure consistency and make caring for your property as easy as possible, you will want to focus on a company that can do both landscaping and lawn care service.

What Landscaping Entails

The Difference Between Professional Lawn Care Service and Landscaping in Buffalo Grove, IL

Some people think of “landscaping” as simply cutting the grass and pruning shrubbery. But it’s often more than that: Landscaping involves the design of the plants, trees, flowers, and hardscape elements such as patios and walkways that have been uniquely planned for your specific property. A professional landscape company will come out to your property and look at how the land slopes, where the house is situated, and determine the size of the area for landscaping. These professionals will then provide you with a detailed sketch of their suggestions for how to make your landscape the most beautiful one in the neighborhood (at least in your opinion).

Landscape contractors take into account the climate and how that will affect the plants and their growth. Because they have expertise in the habits and patterns of plants and trees, they can plan out the details of your Buffalo Grove, IL, yard with the mature height and size of each plant in mind, ensuring that you will be pleased with the entire property’s appearance for years after the project wraps up.

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The Fine Details of Landscaping

Within the design, a landscape professional can incorporate sustainability so that your watering costs are as minimal as possible while the yard continues to thrive in the Illinois weather. They can add lighting to highlight special features at night and to increase the security of your home.

Landscaping involves any hardscapes such as patios, driveways, landings, and walkways for easy and gorgeous access to your home. An outdoor kitchen, for instance, could be designed and installed by your local landscaper, right by your patio so that you can easily enjoy the fruits of your culinary creations. Beyond adding functionality to the landscape in terms of how you use it, landscaping can be wholly practical to fix a persistent problem, such as erosion. A carefully constructed retaining wall could remedy a rainwater runoff issue.

Another suggestion may be a fire feature, like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace that would add ambiance to your landscape after dark, and extend the usefulness of a favorite outdoor area for longer in the day. You would no longer feel compelled to go inside when darkness falls but instead light up the new fire feature and get cozy outdoors.

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Lawn Care Service

A lawn care service keeps your property at its peak through all seasons after the landscaping features have been installed. In the fall, landscapers will prune your shrubs and trees to prepare them for the upcoming winter weather, as well as spread fertilizer and weed prevention to help sustain the grass through the winter.

Then, in the winter, a lawn care service can prepare your landscape for the coming cold months and keep any walkways and entryways clear during bad weather. Springtime involves fertilization and the prevention of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds; cleanup of any debris left from the effects of snow, wind, and rain; and application of fresh mulch. And then, in the summer, the service can be relied upon to mow your lawn, clean up the edges, trim the shrubs, and treat for any pests.