5 Services That Landscape Contractors Offer in Lake Forest, IL

If you are thinking about a backyard renovation this season, the good news is that you can have landscape professionals handle all or some of the work for you. Here are five services that landscape contractors offer in Lake Forest, IL.

Landscape Design

5 Services That Landscape Contractors Offer in Lake Forest, IL

A good design is the foundation for an outdoor space you will love using. Not all landscape contractors are designers, however, so if the master plan is something you need help with, choose a landscape contractor that has the capacity to do detailed plans including 2D or 3D renderings that will help you accurately visualize the completed project. Detailed designs are necessary for large-scale projects. For smaller projects, hand-drawn plans may be all that is necessary.

Planning Expertise

Planning includes materials selection for hardscapes, plant selection, project logistics including delivery of materials in a timely manner, permitting, and (if necessary) subcontracting specialized tasks such as electrical work.

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Site Preparation and Construction

Site preparation may involve excavation and grading, and depending on the scope of the project, it may require heavy machinery. Site prep and construction includes foundational work such as drainage and irrigation; landscape shaping using retaining walls; construction of driveways, patios and decks; and installation of an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen, low-voltage lighting or pergolas, water features, steps, trellises, fences, or gazebos. Post-construction, your landscape contractor’s work will include a thorough cleanup.


Landscape contractors can recommend the best plants for your climate and your needs. They can plant trees, shrubs, lawns, and annual/perennial gardens. Their services may involve amending the soil and transplanting existing plants, hydroseeding or sodding new lawns, and planting of seasonal container displays.

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Once your landscape is in place, it will require consistent maintenance to keep it looking its best. Landscape contractors often offer maintenance services including flower bed maintenance (weeding, mulching, trimming, debris removal, deadheading, and pruning); lawn care (mowing, fertilizing, weeding); tree and shrub care (pruning, hedging, fertilizing, and disease control); spring/fall cleanup so that your landscape remains healthy and attractive year after year; irrigation system and water feature start-up, maintenance and shut-down; seasonal displays; leaf removal; hardscape cleaning and sealing; and snow removal.

Landscape Contractors’ Capabilities Vary

Not all landscape contractors offer every maintenance service listed above, and not all are qualified to perform specialized tasks such as diseased tree care or tree trimming. The average “mow and blow” lawn maintenance service, for example, may not have the resources or knowledge to perform more specialized tasks or be qualified to install a new fish pond, paver driveway, or patio.

That’s where you come in, to inquire about the capabilities of your landscape contractor. While some landscape contractors are very specialized, you ultimately will get the best results by working with a contractor that can handle every aspect of your project, from the initial idea to design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Working with a landscape contractor that can handle every aspect of your project means a more efficient working relationship during construction, and easier upgrades or changes down the line—such as building a patio this year or waiting until next season to add an outdoor kitchen.