6 Qualities to Look for When Scouting Landscape Contractors in Lake Forest, IL

As you drive through a neighborhood, some properties are bound to catch your eye and make you linger on the beautiful view, while average yards probably don’t grab your attention. The difference between the two? Chances are expert landscaping contractors had some involvement in bringing out the best characteristics of the more noteworthy landscapes. When you want a truly spectacular Lake Forest, IL, landscape, look for these qualities when seeking a landscape contractor.

Good Communication

6 Qualities to Look for When Scouting Landscape Contractors in Lake Forest, IL

The ability of a landscape contractor to listen carefully to your vision and to communicate a clear process to you is critical—it is a quality that forms the foundation for the entire working relationship. A great contractor makes suggestions based on knowledge and experience in landscape design, while respecting your preferences. If a problem arises, the contractor should keep you informed and do what is necessary to get your landscape process back on track quickly. But perhaps most important is finding someone you feel comfortable communicating with as you will need to have an ongoing dialogue throughout the course of the design/build project. The contractor will need to turn to you make decisions as the project progresses.

Reputable References

A landscape contractor should have a history of happy clients who can tell you about their experience. Seek out references for homeowners who have had similar work done. Also ask if the business has won any awards or has professional credentials—these things imply the company keeps the crew’s skills up-to-date.

Proven Experience

Experience is a given requirement—you want to hire a team that has not just book knowledge, but hands-on experience. Look for a company that has a trained team of specialists and well-rounded capabilities, from installing hardscape features to providing ongoing maintenance, from tree pruning to mowing.

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Seasonal Landscape Care

Each season brings specific landscape needs, and the landscape contractor you choose should be prepared to offer the highest level of service to clients. With new trees and plants comes specific care, and your contractor should be able to meet the needs of your landscape and educate you on what you can do to keep your yard at its peak between visits.

Strong Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Look for a landscape contractor who loves interacting with clients. You want a company that values customer service and listens to your vision, questions, and any concerns you have about the landscape process.

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Hardscape Expertise

You may start out with having a landscape contractor planting and tending to the “softer” side of your landscape—with a new planting bed or grass maintenance. It’s wise to hire a contractor who also has a experience with installing hardscape features for when you’re ready to upgrade your landscape with a patio or fully formed outdoor room.

What you will find as you research landscape contractors is that some offer limited services while others offer a wide range of high-quality, expert services in everything from weekly lawn care service to landscape design, landscape lighting, and installation of pavers for driveways, walkways, and patios. The latter kind of landscape contractor is the one you will want to hire, to upgrade the versatility, beauty, and durability of your property.