How Landscape Contractors Can Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Lake Forest, IL, Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens, like most hardscape features, require forethought and personalization in order to really shine in a Lake Forest, IL, neighborhood. With the help of landscape contractors, you could achieve a tailored look for your outdoor kitchen that fits your unique style and the kind of functionality you require. Here are a few outdoor kitchen design ideas to help you find the perfect blend of form and function.

How Landscape Contractors Can Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Lake Forest, IL, Outdoor Kitchen

A Rich, Country-style Design

Nothing merges class and homely coziness like a warm, southwestern design. Orange, desert-like hues paired with stainless steel appliances offer a stunning contrast that can set your outdoor kitchen apart from the rest. Consider working some adobe-style stonework into your outdoor kitchen design, and look into installing a sturdy, dark wooden pergola overhead. Tiles to suit this design could be plentiful, as anything from fresh white tiles to dark red alternatives will do. Brightly colored tiles will create a fun pop of color that complements the friendly country style you’ve introduced to your landscape.

A Stylish Bar

Think about the nature of your outdoor entertainment—do you spend more time mixing cocktails in your kitchen than you do grilling burgers? If so, pay more attention to your bar than to the grill, as your outdoor kitchen should be specifically tailored to your exact needs. For instance, consider converting a deep sink into a characterful beverage cooler with a wooden lid. Or you may want to ensure that you have enough mini-fridge space for rosé season. Another idea is to merge an indoor bar with the adjacent patio by installing large French windows between the two. Line the window sill, which becomes your bar top, with classy bar stools and allow this small, characterful bar to serve as a portal between the indoors and outdoors.

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A Shabby-chic Design

Shabby-chic kitchens are instant classics. Whitewashed brick, reclaimed wood and a subdued, neutral color palette are the staples of this design. Sleek gray countertops can be used to top stunning antiqued brick verticals, accented by a chevron-like arrangement of pavers underfoot. Consider using old shutters as the doors to cabinets for a touch of character. This style pairs beautifully with small accents like vintage dishes and stores of chopped wood. Ensure that your outdoor kitchen is protected from the elements to keep it in pristine condition.

Spanish Stucco and a Pizza Oven

This option is exclusively for homeowners who can see themselves making their own pizzas. An unused pizza oven consumes space that could be filled by something more practical, so skip this one if you prefer ordering in. But for pizza-making fans, having their own oven for this purpose is a divine addition. Pizza ovens look stunning when constructed in a tall, tapering Spanish style. White stucco adds to the vibrant Spanish look and feel, while adobe bricks in rich clay hues will pair excellently with this design. Any steel appliances will stand out within this design, making it more unique and current.  

A Gathering Space

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent place to spend rain-free nights—within arm’s reach of snacks and sundowners. Consider installing a large, arched pergola overhead to make your outdoor kitchen feel more like an enclosed indoor room and encouraging you to spend more time there. A comfortable couch, coffee table, and fireplace will make your outdoor kitchen even more cozy.