Lawn Care Service in the Fall: Why It's So Important for Your Northbrook, IL, Lawn

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Northbrook, IL. Trees begin to shed their green for bright colors, and there’s still a sense of warmth before the holiday season takes over. However, there’s also an ugly side of fall afoot: Unsightly leaf pile-ups and grass that has seen better days could hurt your home’s curb appeal with each passing week. Lawn care service in the fall can prevent such unattractiveness and prepare your landscape for the cooler months.

Healthy Lawn Year-Round

Fall’s fast entry on the heels of warmer days may reveal the toll your lawn has taken recently. During the summer heat, grassroots can really suffer, and fall is a great time to set the stage for rebuilding those that have taken a beating. This is also an opportunity to take a look at the spots of your lawn that have been covered up by movable structures or items during your summer entertainment sessions. For example, outdoor furniture or a kiddie pool that hasn’t been moved in awhile likely left their mark in the form of crushed grass. While these items are great for summer recreation purposes, the “bald spots” they have created need to be repaired.

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Additionally, any summer weeds that may have cropped up during the summer months won’t stand a chance if regular maintenance soon takes effect. Processes like mulching nourish your lawn so that it’s ready to go into the cold winter months as healthily as possible. This also means that when spring rolls around, your lawn will be out ahead of the pack as it will have had enough nutrients to sustain it during the cold months.

Lawn Care Service in the Fall: Why It's So Important for Your Northbrook, IL, Lawn

Mowing Knowledge

During the fall, consult with your lawn care professional for the best ways to get it ready for the winter. Keeping your lawn low is a good way to preserve it as the colder months creep up. As your lawn maintenance expert will advise, the lawn should be mowed as usual. However, the difference comes with regard to mower blade settings, which should allow for a cut that will keep the grass as short as possible. By doing it this way, you’ll have less grass turning brown during the winter, as sunlight will still be able to reach the grass tips.

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Busy Times Ahead

With so many activities in the fall, the window for thinking about lawn maintenance may be short. Thankfully when you have a dedicated lawn care service provider, you don’t have to put much thought into it and you’ll have a plan for when spring rolls around. Your lawn will retain its vibrant look, leaves will be cleaned up when necessary, and as winter approaches you’ll still have one of the best lawns in your Northbrook, IL, neighborhood.

Lawn Maintenance for You

It’s incredibly important to continue your lawn care service throughout fall. At Joe & Tony Landscaping LLC, we provide a range of services so your lawn is always at its best no matter the season.