7 Long-Term Benefits of a Lawn Service to Your Buffalo Grove, IL, Backyard

Have you ever had neighbor envy? As you drive through the neighborhood on your way to your Buffalo Grove, IL, home, you can’t help noticing everyone’s lush and green yards. The flowers are blooming and your next door neighbor is adding some beauties to his backyard, but you’ve been too busy to ask what they are. When you look over at your home, you note that your yard doesn’t look as good, with some brown spots seeming to multiply every time you look at it. Perhaps you even note that some flowers are still sitting in the original containers, not planted. Here are seven reasons why a lawn service would benefit you over time:

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Professional Knowledge

Lawn care technicians are professionals who have been trained to identify and treat problems in your yard, while ensuring that your family and pets are not harmed from any treatments used. They have a schedule for all chemical applications and regular mowing, and they have the means to eliminate yard pests. You can trust that they know what to do to keep your lawn looking good and taken care of through all the seasons.


With a busy work schedule, activities with the kids, school and family commitments, it is difficult to find the time to remember when your yard needs fertilizer, aerating, grass sowing, and more. A lawn service takes all the thinking out of the maintenance and scheduling your yard needs to look amazing.

Professional Products

With access to professional products, a lawn service technician can diagnose and treat lawn problems with products that are not readily available to consumers. Since some grass and landscape diseases require multiple treatments, a lawn service has an established program for those applications.


7 Long-Term Benefits of a Lawn Service to Your Buffalo Grove, IL, Backyard  

Since many pesticides and chemicals must be mixed correctly to be effective, a lawn service takes the guesswork out of mixing and applying them. Often the treatments are done when no one is home, to fully safeguard your family and pets from exposure.

Less Equipment

All lawn maintenance requires equipment, from mowers to trimmers, that must be stored somewhere. Equipment also necessitates repairs and upkeep to work properly. A lawn service virtually eliminates the need for equipment and maintenance, since the landscaping team provides its own.

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Home Value

A healthy, well-maintained yard only adds value to your home.  One of the first things people notice about a home is the yard—when the bushes are trimmed and the grass is mowed, they will assume the rest of your house looks amazing too.  

Peace of Mind

Returning home from a long day at work to find a freshly mowed and trimmed yard allows you to instantly relax—and set aside any past envy about the neighbor’s lawn.

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