Top 3 Fall Outdoor Design Trends from Landscaping Companies in Wilmette, IL

Fall is rolling around again and it’s time to spruce up your landscape with the latest trends from landscaping companies in the Wilmette, IL, area. Find out how to keep your home looking updated and well maintained with these ideas:

Fire Features

Fire features are becoming all the rage and a must-have for most homeowners. Fire features come in a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes, but by far one of the most popular is the classic fire pit.

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Fire pits have made a comeback in recent years due to their rustic feel, practicality, and visual appeal. They’re great because they create a cozy place to gather around with friends or family and continue to enjoy your outdoor space even once the temperature drops. The fire is nice to watch, and roasting marshmallows is always an option, too!

Simply decide how big you want your fire pit to be, and choose the materials. We’d recommend something like the Brussels Dimensional Stone. You can create both the fire pit itself and a perfect seating area around it to make an inviting space that your guests will adore.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable everything is the new trend, and landscaping is no exception. That means installing plantings that won’t take a harsh toll on the ground, and generally plants that are native to the area so that the bees and butterflies can also enjoy your grounds. Plus, plants that are native tend to be the most beautiful as they interact with the natural surroundings of Wilmette, IL. Find a nice spot on your property to plant a tree, like a blue beech tree. Its foliage turns crimson red in the fall, so it will add beautiful color to your landscape, as well as provide a home to native birds.

Another great option is butterfly weed, which is a beautiful perennial flower that serves as food for butterflies. Showy goldenrod is another great native flower that bees and butterflies love, and it blooms at the very end of summer going into the fall to provide a bright show of color to your landscape. Of course, if you really wanted fall themed plantings, you could always grow a pumpkin patch!


Top 3 Fall Outdoor Design Trends from Landscaping Companies in Wilmette, IL  

Lighting is our final trend for fall landscaping. Once the fall comes and we lose more daylight, outdoor lighting provides safety and convenience. There is no limit to the amount of lighting you can add to your landscape. Add a few small lights to the areas with plantings to highlight the pops of color in foliage. You can also line your walkways with lighting so you can see where you’re going.

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Lighting atop pillars is a timeless look that will never go out of style and will add a classy look to your property. These additions will make your home look polished and inviting.

Adding fire, sustainable plants, and lighting to your home is sure to give your home’s curb appeal a boost and even add value to your property. We hope you’ve enjoyed these latest fall trends from landscaping companies in Wilmette, IL!