4 Ways Landscaping Companies Can Light Up Your Highland Park, IL, Outdoor Living Space

Landscape lighting can give any Highland Park, IL, backyard a complete facelift after dark, creating ambience and a more dimensional design. Landscape companies are experts at making this possible, with awareness of the various lighting techniques for achieving soft lighting or spotlighting features that you would like to act as focal points. They can help you with ambience as well as safe navigation in your newly well-lit landscape. Here are a few ways in which your landscaper might suggest you light up your backyard:

Purposeful Placement

4 Ways Landscaping Companies Can Light Up Your Highland Park, IL, Outdoor Living Space  

Although landscape lighting is a quick and easy way to achieve amazing ambience, its first and foremost purpose lies in keeping you, your family, and guests safe. Keeping walkways, poolsides, and outdoor rooms well-lit at all times may be the primary goal when designing your landscape. It would minimize the risk of injury and ensures an effortless and convenient outdoor experience.

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Your landscaper might opt to frame your walkway with stout downward-facing lights, to highlight any obstacles. Installing the lights to face downward also eliminates any unpleasant glare.

Sleek lights fitted underneath countertops and above grills will improve the efficiency of your outdoor kitchen and make a simpler, more enjoyable culinary experience possible. Highlighting the dark corners of a relatively small outdoor kitchen can also make it look and feel more spacious.

Although the primary purpose for the installation of these lights is safety and efficiency, they can contribute a great deal to making your hardscape look more refined and luxurious after dark.

Friendly Fire

Fireplaces are widely favored for their ability to warm chilly evenings and infuse outdoor areas with a sense of intimacy and cheer. However, these multifaceted structures are also excellent sources of soft lighting.

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They can be relied upon to produce a warm wash of light that makes rich colors, like browns and reds, pop even more. Their dynamic, flickering light can also create a captivating visual effect when bouncing off the sharp edges of textured pavers and natural stone.

Dramatic Focal Points

Another way in which you could illuminate your landscape is through the creation of bright, eye-catching focal points. Select the most structurally intriguing plants and verticals adorning your landscape and make them the main focus of your lighting efforts. Angling a few beams of light at a single feature will not only highlight it, but will also wash the surrounding area in a significant glow.

What’s more: focal points give landscapes form and dimension, bringing certain elements to the foreground to avoid a flat design without variation. The features you select to be highlighted can also speak volumes about your personality and aesthetic flair, making your landscape more unique.

Charming Accessories

Once your landscape is well-lit by strategically placed lights of fair intensity, you can focus on accenting the design with more personalized sources of light. These additional lights are meant to communicate your chosen aesthetic theme, rather than produce functional light.

For example, a bohemian theme can be enhanced by beautiful, gem-toned glass jars filled with candles. Fairy lights, on the other hand, are rather effective at fostering a romantic atmosphere and enhancing the elegance of an outdoor room. From tiki torches to paper lanterns—the world is your oyster when adding fine, design-defining details to your landscape lighting.