Sign Up for Landscaping Services for a Beautiful yet Functional Backyard in Highland Park, IL

A beautiful landscape requires high-quality design and professional maintenance. Sign up for Joe and Tony Landscaping services to make sure your Highland Park, IL property always looks and feels the way you want it to. When your landscape brings both beauty and purpose to the fore, it creates an impression that will leave visitors envious. Here are some of the ways Joe and Tony Landscaping services can provide you with a beautiful yet functional backyard.


The backyard of your dreams starts with a design. Having a professional landscape design team ready to work with you every step of the way can help bring your ideas to life. You’ll be able to specify what it is you want as it relates to everything from your aesthetic to preferred privacy options, with the benefit of having expert feedback and advice. With the professionals at Joe and Tony Landscaping, there’s no need to feel rushed or overwhelmed. Your backyard design is something for you to enjoy, and as such, your final word of approval is important. To make this process simpler, we sit down with all our clients to really dig in and get to know more about your likes, dislikes and expectations for your landscape. This is so we can make sure we deliver the kind of beauty and function that you’re looking for for your landscape design.

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Paver maintenance and repair

When you’re in need of paver maintenance and repair, it’s important to call upon skilled experts to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, we provide paver maintenance and repair services including sanding, cleaning, and sealing, so your pavers always look their best.


Sign Up for Landscaping Services for a Beautiful yet Functional Backyard in Highland Park, IL  

Trees, plants, flowers, shrubs and grass can bring an entire backyard design together, while softening hardscapes and adding swathes of color to a landscape. We suggest a blend of ground cover, trees, and shrubs for real design benefits. A lush, green lawn, vibrant plantings and healthy trees, are just some of the benefits of signing up for our lawn maintenance, planting installation and tree care services. These services include pruning, mulching, tilling, pest control, weed-whacking and edging, to name a only a few.

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It’s possible that while you’ve got the interior of your dreams, you haven’t yet figured out what to do with the exterior. This could be because your property presents a challenging set of topographical features. Don’t let steep slopes, rolling hills, mounds, and inconvenient grades get in the way of you creating the backyard of your dreams; our grading services can help you achieve the landscape you want. Using top-of-the-line equipment, combined with our years of expertise in this field, we can alter the topography of your landscape to eliminate any drainage, erosion or access issues you may have, so you can start your landscape remodel with a clean slate. Our grading services include handling and getting rid of steep drop-offs, and reshaping the property to allow for a more attractive layout and greater function.