Upgrade Your Glenview, IL, Landscape Design with an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

From a grill with side burners to a wine chiller under a bar, an outdoor kitchen that has it all is a Glenview, IL, homeowner’s dream come true. In fact, an outdoor kitchen with bar is the perfect way to upgrade your landscape design. Is there anything better than grilling and chilling in the great outdoors? If you want to raise the level of your landscape design with a top-notch outdoor kitchen, here are some key points to consider.

Space for All Your Cooking, Storing, Washing Needs

Today’s outdoor kitchens resemble indoors kitchens, to provide homeowners with a way to grill and cook outside without having to run back and forth. They can be fully equipped for creating memorable days and nights with your friends and family.

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Such outdoor kitchens are cleverly designed to achieve optimal use. Some have cold areas (fridge), hot areas (grill and burner), dry areas (storage and countertops), and wet areas (sinks) while providing enough space for each so that you can safely create complete, delicious meals.  

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Having many outdoor kitchen appliances within reach makes outdoor cooking a whole lot easier. These are some of the appliances you may want to make sure your new outdoor kitchen and bar include:

  • Grill
  • Side burner
  • Fridge
  • Stainless steel drawers and sink
  • Trash container  
  • Warming drawers
  • Wine or beer chiller
  • Ice maker

A Standout Bar

Your bar could take center stage on your patio if you want it to be the main attraction during your relaxing evenings and entertaining gatherings. Your landscape professional can help you decide on the most favorable placement, based on how often you think you’ll make use of it.

Upgrade Your Glenview, IL, Landscape Design with an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar  

Lighting will be important here, as anyone serving and imbibing drinks needs to be able to see what they’re doing, and it also sets the mood. Soft lighting under the bar could make this aspect of your backyard the preferred place for late-night chatting. Also consider whether your bar needs enough room to accommodate a variety of beverages and glasses.

Landscape Design Lighting

Proper lighting is an essential part of every outdoor kitchen. Its purpose isn’t only to create an inviting and friendly atmosphere but to also increase the safety of the home chef and guests. Outdoor kitchens tend to have three main types of lights—accent lighting, background lighting, and task lighting.

Pergola and Seating Area

A pergola lined with well-placed lights could aid the creation of a cool and pleasant atmosphere around your outdoor kitchen. It can also provide some much-needed shade during the day, for when you’re cooking up a casual lunch or hosting a daytime party.