Top 5 Landscaping Services Every Lake Forest, IL, Homeowner Needs

Every homeowner wants to have the nicest looking home on the block. The secret lies in professional landscape services with professionals committed to maintaining the beauty of your yard. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 landscaping services that are essential to keeping the exterior of your Lake Forest, IL home in tiptop shape and your property looking its best..

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is the first on our list of necessary landscaping services to keep your home its most presentable. The front lawn is one of the first things most people look at when taking in the appearance of a home, and nothing says well-kept home like a lush green lawn. Having your grass cut frequently helps to control weed growth, encourage healthy grass, and keep pests to a minimum. But there’s more to a lawn than just mowing. A lawn that is edged at the curb and on the borders of walkways or other yard features like flower beds gives your home a crisp look that is unmistakable. In addition, pest control and mulching will further enhance the lush green appearance of your lawn.  

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Planting Flowers, Trees and Shrubs

Top 5 Landscaping Services Every Lake Forest, IL, Homeowner Needs  

Plantings are a must have to complete the look of any landscape. Having a beautiful mulched bed with carefully selected plantings adds a classic look to any home. You can choose any style of plant beds to match your desired landscape theme. Mixing and matching topiaries and perennial flowers creates a natural look that complements any house. In addition to attractive plant beds, a balanced landscape includes trees, shrubs and ground cover. You can even opt for hanging baskets for adding color to a special feature, or potted plants to better merge your hardscape and softscape.

Paver Maintenance

Chic walkways, patios and driveways go a long way in complementing a well-maintained yard. The easiest way to achieve this is to make sure your home’s hardscape areas are up to date with gorgeous masonry and new pavers that have a professionally-installed look. Perhaps consider creating new walkways that add a sense of whimsy to your space, and framing them with bordering beds with tall topiaries. Update and maintain your hardscape areas with professional installation and paver maintenance.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting adds the finishing touch to any landscape design. Dotting front walkways with lighting can add tremendous curb appeal to your home. It also makes nighttime entertaining easier and more enjoyable, adding an ambiance to even the simplest of designs. Landscape lighting can also provide an added sense of security around your property when the sun goes down.

Tree Service

Tree maintenance is the final service on our far-from-exhaustive list. Whether the trees on your property are naturally occurring or you’ve selected them yourself for integration into your landscape design, you will want to ensure that they stay looking their best. Tree pruning helps to ensure that your trees stay healthy and disease free, while ensuring it’s grows evenly and will stand for years to come.