4 Stunning Fire Pit Design Ideas for Your Wilmette, IL, Landscape

Fire pits are a popular landscape design feature for multiple reasons, and your Wilmette, IL, backyard can benefit greatly from having one. These in-demand landscape features provide a central entertainment and gathering spot as well as an excuse for relaxation. To get the ball rolling on yours, here are four stunning fire pit design ideas to consider:

Customize Seating Options

4 Stunning Fire Pit Design Ideas for Your Wilmette, IL, Landscape  

Custom hardscaping sets your property apart. With unique ideas and excellent execution, your hardscapes could become visual stimuli that leave people talking long after their visit. One of the best ways to make sure your fire pit is not only utilized but becomes a sought-after hangout spot is to incorporate an envious seating arrangement. You can use a range of outdoor furniture that inspires comfort or go all the way with hardscape elements and choose natural quarried stone for your seating wall. You can place pillows, throws, and cushions onto seating walls for added luxury and comfort. With these types of seating options available, your fire pit could become the main attraction at your social gatherings.

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Combine Fire with Other Elements

While fire brings the heat, you can think about combining other elements to really make a statement with your fire pit design. Our hardscaping experts at Joe and Tony Landscaping LLC bring functionality and beauty together with all our custom hardscape designs. Fire pits are carefully conceptualized, designed, and constructed, with your needs and wants in mind.

A fire pit constructed of natural stone is a statement in itself. With smooth natural stones added to the fire pit, the result is an earthy look that will complement both traditional and trendy design aesthetics. The great aspect about this option is that the stones absorb the fire’s heat and distributes it after it’s put out—a natural safety feature. Additionally, shards of glass can be used as a decorative effect to emulate the look of fire against ice. Another approach is to combine your fire pit with water features like pools, which would reflect the light from the fire to create an otherworldly effect.

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Sunken Flame

If you have a smaller space to work with, a sunken fire pit can be the answer. It maintains the contemporary look that is synonymous with these structures and can provide the same level of warmth, comfort, and interesting design as a traditionally placed fire pit. Sunken fire pits also increase the safety factor, as they don’t have as much exposure to flames.

Pavers and Fire Pits

Natural stone constructed fire pits matched with durable concrete pavers that have the appearance of natural stone can take your landscape project to another level of style. This kind of design and material will give your fire pit area a more classic look.   

Professionalism for Quality Fire Pits

Our dedication to creating the very best hardscape designs lead us to work only with the highest quality products. Since we are a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you can bet on us providing you with the fire pit or other hardscape feature you want and will be proud of.