How Landscaping Companies Can Turn Your Lake Forest, IL, Backyard into the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

Noteworthy, modern backyards in Lake Forest, IL, focus on outdoor living with functional spaces. Landscaping companies support homeowners in their visions of backyards that go beyond expanses of grass and simple patios, opening up the possibilities for entertaining and lively events and gatherings. Joe and Tony Landscaping LLC can transform your backyard into a fabulous outdoor entertaining area, depending on which of the below features you want to incorporate into your landscape design.

Why You Need a Landscape Designer

Your backyard should express your style and meet all of your needs. Good landscaper designers will take the time to get to know you and learn how you will use your yard. They can combine your ideas and must-have features into a functional backyard that not only looks good but works well too.

How Landscaping Companies Can Turn Your Lake Forest, IL, Backyard into the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space  

Your landscaping company will consider factors such as traffic flow, views, and privacy to create well-designed zones that all work together. Starting with a solid plan will result in a landscape that meets your entertaining needs.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor entertaining is at its best when you have functional outdoor rooms. The best outdoor rooms mimic their indoor counterparts with a solid layout that’s both comfortable and inviting.

A well-equipped outdoor kitchen and dining room will allow you to host alfresco dinner parties with all the comforts of the indoors. A cozy outdoor living room creates an ideal spot for guests to relax after the meal. For outdoor rooms that are functional in any season, consider having a roof added. A cabana or covered patio will provide protection from the elements and give you a reason to upgrade your furnishings.

Permanent Seating

The ideal outdoor entertaining space should feature enough seating for all your guests. By combining permanent seating and stylish outdoor furniture, your landscaping company can create a yard that’s ready for entertaining.

Seating walls can help define outdoor spaces while providing additional seating. The right coping is key to making seating walls both comfortable and attractive. Raised planting beds can also create additional seating while adding color and increasing privacy. Benches can be used to create cozy nooks around your yard.

Outdoor Lighting

A great dinner party can continue well into the night if you have the right setting. Landscape lighting can turn your backyard into a magical spot for nighttime entertaining. Good landscape lighting will increase safety around your property and add ambiance to your get-togethers. A comprehensive lighting plan should include pathway lighting to help visitors navigate the property after dark. Task lighting is also important to facilitate the movement and activities of the hosts, such as cooking, dining, and cleaning up when the festivities are winding down. And low-level ambient lighting will help set the mood and make late-night entertainment sessions more comfortable.

Fire Feature

Elevate your outdoor entertaining with a gorgeous fire feature. A fire will add warmth, create atmosphere, and encourage gatherings with family and friends. Whether you have a traditional, rustic, or modern landscape, there’s a fire feature that will complement your landscape design.

For a modern landscape, a sleek fire table can add warmth to a dining area, around the pool or to a patio sitting area. If you have a more traditional landscape, a wood-burning fireplace will keep guests warm while providing a striking focal point. A fireplace can also add vertical interest to your patio and increase privacy. If your backyard is more of a rustic retreat, a stone fire pit will create a cozy gathering spot.