6 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Lawn Service Company in Highland Park, IL

A lush, healthy lawn is essential for the curb appeal of your Highlight Park, IL, home, but perhaps even more important is the pleasure it brings to homeowners every day. Before you can achieve the satisfaction of a lawn you can be proud of, you have to distinguish between the many lawn service professionals to find the ones who have the experience and expertise to do the job right. Here are the main qualities you should look for when selecting a lawn service company:

A Good Reputation

Fortunately, the internet has simplified distinguishing the best from the rest. Using online reviews, you can easily compare multiple companies and get a glimpse of what other homeowners think of their services. While online reviews are by no means comprehensive of a company’s service, plenty of negative reviews are a good indicator that a company should be avoided. In addition to doing online research, you could approach your neighbors to find out which lawn service companies they rely on—and why.

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Licensing and Insurance

While you can hire unlicensed lawn care companies at cheaper rates, it’s not a recommended practice. A licensed company is guaranteed to bear a certain standard of professionalism and expertise. Should an unlicensed, uninsured company damage your property, you will have to cover the costs. Investing in an insured company will also protect you in the case of on-site injury to workers.

Proper Equipment Maintenance

True professionals know that sharp blades are essential in achieving a healthy, attractive lawn. Dull, poorly maintained blades leave grass looking browned and disheveled on the surface. They also weaken the grass, making it more susceptible to fungal infection and other diseases. High-quality lawn service companies typically take excellent care of their equipment and sharpen or replace their blades often.

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Convenient Contracts

Consider the types of contracts offered by your chosen lawn care service. While lengthy contracts are commonplace in this industry, be careful not to rush into one. See if you could get a trial period first. Also try to find a company that accommodates your unique preferences and a company that has a clearly positive track record.

6 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Lawn Service Company in Highland Park, IL

Various Packages and Value for Money

Before you select a lawn service company, be clear about what you want done to your lawn on a regular basis. Good lawn service companies offer various services including mowing, aeration, overseeding, and pest control. Explore the packages offered by your chosen lawn care company and try to find one that best suits your needs. Consider verifying its expertise in your particular region, by checking the company’s understanding of local watering regulations and native plants.

Good Customer Service

Seek out a lawn care company that will respond promptly to any questions and concerns you may have. Lawn care companies with updated websites and active social media accounts are more likely to engage in effective communication with their clients. Your relationship with your lawn care service will likely be a long one, so invest in a company that will save you time and be reliable.