Important Features to Include in Your Highland Park, IL, Lawn Care Service

When considering a lawn care service for your Highland Park, IL, yard, there are some critical features to include. Hiring a lawn care service goes beyond basic mowing and can include mulching, treatments for pests and disease, weed whacking, and more. Here are the features to look for when choosing your lawn care service.

Seasonal Offerings

Important Features to Include in Your Highland Park, IL, Lawn Care Service

Experienced lawn care service providers have a schedule they follow as they know what landscapes need in your area during certain times of the year to thrive. For instance, the company may offer aeration and grass seeding in the fall. They may recommend that fertilization occur twice a year, in the fall and spring.

A Range of Services

The lawn service company you choose should ideally offer high-quality, expert services in everything from weekly lawn care service to landscape design, landscape lighting, and all brick paving for your hardscape projects. That way, you will have one place to turn not only for the ongoing upkeep of your landscape but for any big transformations you want one day as well. When you use a lawn care service company for a period of time, you will feel more comfortable to turn to a company you know and trust when you need to install an outdoor kitchen or your patio needs to be resurfaced.

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Complete Efficiency

By signing up with a lawn care service, you have an opportunity to take out the thinking involved in having to care for your landscape. Why keep track of when mulching needs to happen or whether your lawn needs grub control? Complete lawn service takes care of all the worries involved in caring for your landscape by knowing exactly what treatments your landscape needs and when.

Great Communication

Never underestimate how crucial great communication is for any service you pay for, but especially for your lawn care. You don’t want to come home one day to an yard that hasn’t been mowed or a driveway that has grass blown over it. Make sure to hire a lawn service that is responsive. Do you feel comfortable with the contact person? Does someone answer the phone when you call? Does the lawn care company seem quick to remedy any problems? This can make or break your experience.


Ask people you know if this lawn care company is reputable. A lawn service should have clients who are happy to talk with you about the care they receive for their landscape. Ask for addresses of homes that are part of the service so you can see for yourself if your yard will look the way you want it to when contracted for lawn care. Also check for any online reviews and peruse the lawn care company’s website, to see what services they offer.

Professional Associations

A company that is involved with any of its industry’s professional and trade associations can give you some peace of mind as these organizations hold their members to certain standards. Such associations also imply that the company keeps up-to-date with the latest industry best practices.

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Proper licensing and insurance further indicate the professionalism of the company you are considering as well as protection for you in the unlikely event that something happens on your property during a service. A reputable company will maintain an up-to-date license and carry sufficient insurance to cover their equipment and employees, and potential damage that occurs from their work.