5 Essential Lawn Care Services for the Spring in Highland Park, IL

As the weather warms up, thoughts turn to sprucing up the yard after the winter months. That’s when the dull grass will start to turn green and lush, the flower bulbs peek out of the earth, and the days get warmer and longer. It’s also time to think about what kind of lawn care service you need for your Highland Park, IL, landscape this spring.

Clean Up

5 Essential Lawn Care Services for the Spring in Highland Park, IL

With the winter cold, freezing rain, and sleet coming to an end, a yard cleanup is in order. You’ll want any trees that have lost branches to be pruned, plus the removal of any branches that have ended up on the ground. Evaluate shrubs for damage, too, and consider whether they need a gentle trim to get the desired shrub shape back. A cleanup around the base of shrubs can make room for fresh mulch or pine needles. The remnants of dead grass can be raked up to give plenty of room for new grass growth.

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Fertilize the Lawn

You will want your lawn fed with the right ratio of nutrients—nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus—to help kick-start the growth of the tender shoots. Because all grass types are not the same, knowing what kind of grass is in your yard will be necessary for determining the right fertilizer proportions. It is essential to spread the fertilizer evenly over the targeted lawn areas so that you will have a uniform, thick stand of grass.

Apply Weed Preventer

Having a gorgeous lawn in the spring and summer is as much about preventing weeds as it is about growing grass. If you grow weeds with the grass, you will have a problem to combat and worry about throughout the entire season.

Spring is the ideal time to put down crabgrass preventer, as this weed is best controlled with prevention. The crabgrass preventer forms a barrier on the ground that keeps the weeds from coming up, hopefully making the weed management easier.

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Aerate the Lawn

Aerating the lawn can have many benefits. While aeration usually happens in the fall, it can be done in the spring, especially if the soil is compacted. This process simply pokes holes in the earth to improve absorption of water, fertilizer, and air, which leads to stronger roots for the grass. Once the nutrients and oxygen reach the heart of the grass blade, they can strengthen the grass for the hot summer days.

Water the Lawn

Water is a critical element in a healthy, thriving lawn—without water, the grass dies all the way to the roots. Watering the grass after applying fertilizer is key so that the nutrients can filter down to the roots and encourage strong growth.

Lawn care can be a tricky science, particularly when it concerns feeding the right ratio of nutrients to the grass and applying weed prevention solutions. To ensure that you have a thriving lawn this spring, consider consulting with a landscape professional for seasonal lawn care service. Not only can they identify the type of grass you have, but they can attend to all of the cleanup and preparation that gives you what you want—a gorgeous, weed-free lawn.