4 Ways Lawn Service Helps to Eliminate Weeds from Your Lawn in Wilmette, IL

It may be hard to imagine your Wilmette, IL, lawn being lush and green in the early part of winter, but before you know it, your grass will be growing and ready for regular maintenance again. The annual battle against weeds is best handled by a professional lawn service that excels at keeping landscapes free of unwanted growth.

Spring Lawn Services

The main problem with weeds is that they spread quickly and grow like, well, weeds. And if left unattended, the problem can get out of control fast. Beginning a treatment and prevention program early in the season will give your lawn a head start in the fight against weeds.

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4 Ways Lawn Service Helps to Eliminate Weeds from Your Lawn in Wilmette, IL

A good, strong root base is the foundation of a healthy lawn. Fertilizing as soon as signs of growth appear will help the roots form before the grass blades begin to grow. Establishing a healthy root system will result in a hardier lawn, making it more difficult for weeds to take over.

The place to start is a productive spring yard cleanup, which can help prepare your lawn for the growing season. Ideally, the clearing of debris and leaves should be done as early in the season as possible. This will prevent damage to new plant growth and clear the way for fertilizers and weed treatments to reach the grass. A clean yard will also allow weeds to be spotted and removed before they can spread.


By adding new seed to an existing lawn, we can create a thick, healthy grass that chokes out weeds. And by filling in bare and patchy areas, your lawn will be stronger, and weeds will have a harder time taking hold.

Aerating your lawn will give these seeds a better chance to grow. Aeration involves pulling up cores of dirt across your lawn, which helps your grass in two ways. It helps the seeds permeate the soil, and also allows water and nutrients to reach the root system. Combining aeration and overseeding will create a strong, healthy lawn that won’t be overcome by weeds.


Fertilizing your grass at the right times throughout the season can be the best way to achieve a thick, healthy lawn. Fertilization supplies vital nutrients that promote new leaf growth and creates greener grass. It also improves soil quality, creating optimal growing conditions and water retention.

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By starting fertilization early in the season, you can give your lawn the boost it needs after a long winter. Reapplying fertilizer in early and late summer will help keep your grass strong and prevent brown spots and patchy areas. And a late fall fertilization will protect your lawn against winter’s harsh conditions. By adding crabgrass and weed treatments to the fertilizer mix, regular fertilization will also help prevent the spread of weeds.


Proper mowing techniques can have a big impact on the condition of your lawn. Mowing at regular intervals with the blades set at the right height for your grass type will produce the best appearance. Most people are unsure of the correct height for their grass, so adding mowing to your lawn service will eliminate the guesswork.

Cutting grass too short exposes the stems and impedes photosynthesis, the act of converting sunlight into energy. Longer grass creates shade, which keeps the ground cooler and reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches new weeds. Maintaining the ideal grass length will also help keep weeds at bay by clipping off seed heads before they can germinate.