How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Get the Best Landscape Lighting Design for Your Lake Forest, IL, Home

If you have ever driven around your Lake Forest, IL, neighborhoods and noticed homes with landscape lighting, you have seen how special those properties become at night. Such lighting brings out the features of the landscape design in an entirely new way when the sun goes down.

It can be difficult for most homeowners to know which of their landscape features would benefit from landscape lighting that would create such an effect for their own property, and this is where a landscape specialist can help. Here are some ways that landscaping companies can help you identify the best lighting for your home.

Lighting for Trees

Maybe your yard has a huge weeping willow tree that is beautiful in the daytime but would be truly spectacular at night with the right lighting. A landscape lighting expert can point you in the right direction for up-lighting the tree from the base or down-lighting the tree from the top—or maybe even both. An island in the middle of a circular driveway can be a perfect spot for lighting surrounding trees for dramatic effect. Even adding twinkle lights to the trees around your patio can elevate that area into an enticing nighttime space.

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Lighting for Walls

While the ultimate purpose of a retaining wall is to correct a landscape problem, it can also become a standout feature in its own right. A landscape contractor could wash your wall with soft spotlights that create a pretty night-time glow. Or you might have a trellis with gorgeous climbing roses on a wall of your home that would be beautifully illuminated as the sun sets. A water feature that’s part of a retaining wall or that sits in a landscape bed in front of a retaining wall can also be a focal point for evening lighting.

Lighting for Walkways and Driveways

How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Get the Best Landscape Lighting Design for Your Lake Forest, IL, Home

Most likely, you know that lighting for any pathway around your Lake Forest, IL, home would improve the safety of your family and guests, but it can also change the look of your landscape. Many people think that more lighting is better, but in truth, less lighting that is strategically placed can form a prettier backdrop for your landscape. This is where the experience of a professional landscape company comes in—based on what has worked for other landscapes like yours, you can receive advice on the correct amount and placement of lighting for your walkways and driveway.

Lighting for Pool Areas

Lighting in the pool can be quite common and necessary, but lighting the areas around the pool is what will ensure the extended use of the pool later into the evening. Consider adding lights under the steps that lead to the pool for safety and ease of entering and leaving the pool. If there is a pergola or dining area by the pool, older friends and family might love relaxing nearby as they watch the younger people swim at night.

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Deciding where you want landscape lighting can be a challenge that’s made easier when you hear of lighting trends and can see pictures of similar properties to yours. Another way to identify where you would most like lights is to look critically at your landscape in the evening and notice areas that could use some illumination. A landscape company can help you see where the perfect spots to light the way would be.