Let a Landscaping Company Upgrade Your Hillside Backyard in Glenview, IL

A backyard with a hill—whether it’s a steep incline or a moderate bump in your landscape—can cause issues when you’re trying to make improvements to your Glenview, IL, property. Some homeowners opt for a groundcover to make that area of their landscape more attractive. But that doesn’t solve the issue of having unusable space. Landscaping companies are equipped for coming up with the perfect solutions for your hillside backyard, such as the following:

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Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is an obvious solution, even if the hill in the backyard slopes downward. It’s often brought up for practical reasons: Erosion from water run-off is usually a problem with a hilly yard. The run-off frequently brings pits and dirt piles of accumulated sediment that lands in a poorly drained area.

Built correctly, a retaining wall offers four benefits, by:

  • Keeping the soil in the places it should remain.

  • Protecting the yard and surrounding yards from damage caused by the leftovers from storms.

  • Providing correct drainage.

  • Developing a planting area that would otherwise be impractical.

When constructed of natural or manufactured stone, a retaining wall can take care of all these functional purposes while also adding a beautiful feature to your landscape. Contrasting stone edging or a stone pattern can make the wall a pleasing part of the backyard.

Add in an area to plant decorative trees and flowering shrubs, and your yard will be a blooming oasis. Since a retaining wall creates more flat space, a patio can also complement your wall, giving you a spot to have dinner or just relax after a tiring day. If you are a garden lover, use the planting expanse to cultivate your favorite herbs and vegetables.


When we think of steps, we usually envision a vertical, straight-up-and-down pattern, but there are other choices. Consider gently curving steps of paving stones to create a path to the upper portion of your yard where you may decide a patio with a pergola would be ideal. Large, flat rock slabs can lead down a moderately sloping backyard to a fire pit. Adding lights to the steps can allow for evening use without safety worries.

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Let a Landscaping Company Upgrade Your Hillside Backyard in Glenview, IL

Staggered steps with a landing at intervals can give older guests a place to rest, especially if the climb is long or steep. Slabs of granite mean that there is plenty of room for visitors to walk together and continue a conversation as they make their way through your backyard oasis.


Tiers are intervals of flat space that give your backyard a stair-step appearance. Within the flat areas, you can have different themes for your backyard. A flower garden could take up one area. Another could have large rocks or boulders for textural interest. A third could house plant vines that spill over and add vibrant color to your landscape design.

Tiers can bring structure and symmetry to the landscape. Incorporate a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall, and the peacefulness of your yard just increased.

What may seem like a problem in your Glenview, IL, landscape can actually become a source of delight. A professional hardscape contractor can look at the terrain and advise on the best solution for your backyard.

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