Lawn Care: How to Know Which Services You Need in Wilmette, IL

Hiring a professional lawn care service for your Wilmette, IL, property can either bring you great relief, or make you terribly frustrated. It all depends on whether the lawn care company, and the particular package of services you’ve invested in, is a good fit for you. The services you should entrust to a lawn care professional depend not only on the state of your lawn but also on the state of your lifestyle. By answering the following critical questions, you’ll be able to determine which lawn care tasks you should leave to the professionals.

What is your schedule like?

Lawn care typically involves tasks like cutting, edging, treating for pests or diseases, and mulching—among others. Consider the amount of time, energy, and money you invest into each of these tasks and ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Which of the maintenance tasks would you rather move onto someone else’s to-do list in order to lighten your own? The busier your schedule is, the more you will benefit from entrusting these tasks to a professional. If you are leaving your lawn maintenance to the last minute, when the grass is overgrown and takes twice the effort to tame, then you should consider hiring help.

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Do you enjoy maintaining your lawn?

Whether you opt not to maintain your own lawn will also depend on whether you love gardening—or hate it. Do you find mowing and weeding rather therapeutic, or do these tasks frustrate you? You may be willing to do certain tasks but simply lack the know-how and the time to learn. If you’re burdened with a love for gardening and a busy schedule, focus your green thumb on less demanding tasks like caring for flower beds or topiaries around your landscape.

Do you have the equipment?

Do you have the tools required to maintain your lawn? If not, compare the cost of buying and maintaining equipment with that of hiring a lawn care service. Do you have the space to store this equipment, and are you prepared to invest time into learning how to utilize and maintain each tool properly? A professional lawn care service will always be equipped with quality, well-maintained tools that will facilitate a neat and efficient job. Buying fertilizer can also prove complicated and costly when you aren’t sure what to get, while a lawn care service will come prepared with the best fertilizer to suit the needs of your lawn.

Lawn Care: How to Know Which Services You Need in Wilmette, IL

What does your lawn look like?

The specific lawn care services you will require depends largely on the state of your lawn. Patches of brown, yellow, or white grass may indicate that your lawn has fallen victim to a fungal infection. Finding discolored spots on grass blades is also a tell-tale sign that your lawn requires a disease treatment in addition to regular maintenance. Fungal infections are often caused by improper mowing, overwatering, or using too much fertilizer. Therefore, entrusting trained professionals with the maintenance of your lawn will prevent disasters that require more costly intervention. Do the edges of your lawn spill onto the driveway or patio? Perhaps you’ve never noticed this before, or simply don’t know how to go about edging your lawn. In this case, you will need to request that edging be done as part of your service package for a neat, manicured lawn that boosts the overall appeal of your landscape.

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