5 Stunning Features to Incorporate into Your Front Yard Landscape Design in Buffalo Grove, IL

Many homeowners looking for a landscape upgrade tend to focus on their backyard above all else. But the front of your Buffalo Grove, IL, home is what everyone sees first. Your front yard provides the first impression of your home and sets expectations for the rest of the house. Incorporate some of these features into your front yard landscape design to raise your property’s curb appeal and make a great first impression.

A Custom Front Walkway

Your front sidewalk is the first thing people encounter when they approach your home. Updating your walkway to make it both beautiful and functional will raise your curb appeal and increase safety.

5 Stunning Features to Incorporate into Your Front Yard Landscape Design in Buffalo Grove, IL

To avoid people trampling your lawn or flower beds, ensure that the front walkway follows natural access patterns. A direct path may not be the most charming, but you may want to save meandering paths for the backyard where there’s less traffic. The walkway should also be wide enough for two people to walk side by side—between 4 and 5 feet is the generally preferred width.

Once you have the optimal route planned out, you can get creative with materials. Upgrading your walkway to concrete pavers or beautiful natural stone will instantly elevate the look of your home. With the many styles and colors of pavers available, you can style your front walkway to match the other features of your property.

A Gorgeous Lawn

A lush, green front lawn will make your home stand out among the neighbors. It will also make the rest of your landscape design look better when paired with thick healthy grass.

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To ensure this beautiful lawn lasts, you need access to expert, ongoing care. Hiring an experienced lawn care company will give you a gorgeous lawn to enjoy. Seasonal maintenance will ensure your lawn survives the winter and thrives in the spring. Consider adding an irrigation system to take the guesswork out of watering.

Raised Planting Beds

Add style and structure to your front yard with raised planting beds. Raised planting beds provide ideal growing conditions, especially in front yards that can be affected by deicing salt. A landscape designer can help you plan out the placement of flower beds to provide optimal growing conditions.

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A raised planting bed along the house can hide an unsightly foundation and soften a large expanse of masonry. Adding planters at the end of the driveway can provide a guide for traffic and add color and texture to the area.

A Beautiful Tree

A beautiful tree will create an attractive focal point for your front yard. Trees also provide welcome shade both for your home and for surrounding plants. Talk to a landscape professional to ensure the tree you select won’t overpower your front yard.

Aside from adding vertical interest, trees can also bring seasonal color. An evergreen tree will add color and texture in the winter, while a Japanese maple will offer beautiful fall leaves. Or opt for a flowering tree such as cherry or apple for a bright pop of color early in the spring.

Landscape Lighting

Once you’ve updated your front yard landscape design, you don’t want it to disappear at night. Good landscape lighting will highlight your home's architecture and draw attention to interesting plants and trees. Landscape lighting will also make your home more inviting and increase safety on your property.