4 Different Walkway Designs to Give Your Front Yard Landscape Design a Boost in Buffalo Grove, IL

Your walkway could be the unsung hero of your home, by adding a finishing touch to the exterior and helping to dictate your Buffalo Grove, IL, home’s curb appeal. Simply adding new walkways to your landscape design can transform the look of your home, no matter how old it may be. Here are four different walkway designs that will update your front yard:


The look of cobblestone is reminiscent of the old world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide fresh style for your design. Tribeca Cobble by Unilock is a modern yet classic paver that strikes the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. Available in Peppered Granite and Cobalt Grey, this paver can create a gorgeous look for your home. Consider a walkway in Peppered Granite with Cobalt Grey accents. For something a little more naturalistic, Courtstone by Unilock creates a hand-cobbled look that brings natural beauty to any landscape. Each paver has a unique cut to truly give your walkway an authentic cobbled appearance. Use it on its own, or accent with another paver for a polished look.

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Modern Chic

If you want a modern look for your walkway, Series by Unilock is a fantastic choice. Made from quartz, marble, and granite, each paver has a uniform look to create a cohesive, stunning look. Its appearance is ultra-modern and can be combined with accent pavers if desired, but it is also beautiful on its own. Resistant to fading, the color you choose will last, and you can customize the look you want. The four colors available all belong to a neutral yet dazzling color palette—you can have subtle yet gorgeous high-end beauty for your walkway.

Classic Brick

4 Different Walkway Designs to Give Your Front Yard Landscape Design a Boost in Buffalo Grove, IL

The look of brick is a traditional and timeless choice that goes great with any exterior design. What’s great about brick is that its smaller format makes it very versatile for complex laying patterns. Alternate between pattern, color, and style for a unique walkway that is perfect for you. Copthorne from Unilock is the ultimate red brick paver, especially in Old Oak. Laid in a herringbone pattern, it makes for a gorgeous eye-catching design, especially when accented with a balanced, neutral border like Brussels Block. To mix it up and create something fresh with a classic brick feel, Mattoni has a slimmer cut that looks more modern. Lay it in Sable Blend, a brownish-mauve color with a gently white-washed look. Add Dark Charcoal as a border accent, and you’ve got a unique walkway with lots of interest.

Image Source: Unilock

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Natural Stone

Limestone and sandstone are obvious choices for beautiful walkways. Natural stone has many advantages, like its immense strength, solid texture, and gorgeous look. It holds up considerably well to freezing and thawing, as well as salting, snow, sun, and rain. Available in a couple different cuts, there are several different laying patterns you could consider, like a plank pattern and an arrangement of interwoven shapes. Its large-format, simple look pairs well with bold accents like Mattoni.

We hope these design ideas helped you get a better understanding of what style walkway is best suited for your home. To see more design ideas, click on Our Work.