7 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Fireplace to Your Glenview, IL, Backyard

An outdoor fireplace tops the list of must-have features for outdoor living. Fire invites people to gather around its warmth and light, and it will never go out of style. If you are considering a backyard makeover, here are seven reasons to include an outdoor fireplace in your Glenview, IL, landscape design.

Making Memories

7 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Fireplace to Your Glenview, IL, Backyard

When friends and family gather, that’s where the most cherished memories are made. In a world where everything seems to compete for your time and the time of the people you care about, an outside fire encourages anyone in proximity to slow down and enjoy thoute view and the company of those nearby. Open flames help us all to appreciate the richness of experiences we make with others, through deep conversations and beautiful evening nights. After all, we’ve been sharing stories and laughter around the fire for millennia—it’s an activity as old as mankind.

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Creating Ambience

Fire offers a unique lighting quality that is unmatched by static light fixtures. Dancing flames give off a warm, cozy glow and create interesting shadows on surrounding surfaces. And speaking of warmth, even balmy summer nights are cozier fireside.


Meditation is a big trend these days as people seek to unplug from their hectic lives. For anyone who insists that they haven’t figured out how to meditate, may we suggest trying to simply sit by an outdoor fireplace and gaze into the flames for a few minutes—the mesmerizing dance of the flames will quickly soothe even the most anxious mind, and put you into a tranquil, meditative state.

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Enjoying Nature Year-Round

Whether you love to host big parties or just relax outdoors with your family, at some point it becomes uncomfortably chilly to sit outside—unless you have an outdoor fireplace. A fire takes the chill out of the air and lets you enjoy special moments outdoors, even in winter! There’s nothing quite as magical as sipping hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows while wrapped up in a snug blanket beside the fire on a winter’s evening.

Making a Design Statement

A fireplace is a wonderful opportunity to express your artistic side. You can choose a premade fireplace in materials you love or create a fully custom fireplace that features, for example, a special rock from one of your travels, a niche for a little statue, firewood nooks, an artistic screen, or a unique combination of stones.

Design options are endless and include an ultra-modern three-sided fireplace, a stately stone fireplace that looks like it’s been there for centuries, or even a combination of fire and water elements through the inclusion of a built-in waterfall.

Expanding Cooking Options

Even if you’re not a fan of fire-roasted hot dogs or marshmallows, you can install a pizza oven over the fire box, or roast veggies over the fire. This is a great way to bring the family together for a camp-style meal right in your own backyard.

Adding Value to Your Home

An outdoor fireplace tends to be a huge selling point. A fireplace immediately makes an outdoor space more inviting. You can choose to burn wood for a natural campfire smell and crackle, or install a natural gas-fueled fireplace for cleanliness and ease. Whether you prefer contemporary, traditional, or rustic styles, a stone fireplace will enhance your outdoor living space and could add significant value to your home.