5 Tips for Incorporating a Fire Pit to Your Glenview, IL, Landscape Design

A fire pit has many things going for it—it’s a wonderful gathering spot for friends and family, it makes roasted marshmallows on a summer night possible, and it encourages relaxation after a long day. If incorporating a fire pit into your Glenview, IL, landscape design has been something you are considering, here are some tips to help you choose the right fire feature.

Find the Best Spot for Your Fire Pit

When considering the addition of a fire pit, some homeowners have the perfect spot in mind, an unused area off to the side of everything in their landscape. This location can create a sort of “destination”—a place that is not easily visible. They love the idea of it functioning like another room, just outside. Others like to have the fire pit as a focal point of a patio area, easily accessible from the inside of the home. Or they’d prefer that it’s adjacent to the outdoor kitchen so that guests can relax by the fire as they eat yummy food. Regardless of where it is placed, the fire pit should be effortlessly accessible for use at any time.

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Consider the Size

5 Tips for Incorporating a Fire Pit to Your Glenview, IL, Landscape Design

The size of the fire pit is dependent on the available space and your preferences. A large yard can accommodate a bigger fire pit, allowing more people to gather on any side. If big gatherings are your thing, then choosing a large fire pit, accompanied by built-in seating, could serve you well. Even a small yard can be home to a cozy fire pit.

Keep in mind that fire pits don’t only have to be built high—they can be recessed into the ground or a patio. There is a fire pit size to suit any landscape.

Figure Out What Shape You Like

Fire pits come in several shapes. The most common is circular, but a fire pit can be rectangular or square or recessed into the ground. A circular fire pit can fit most anywhere and be adapted to any size. Rectangular fire pits can be an excellent choice for a more contemporary setting, by reflecting the lines and angles of a modern home and landscape. They can be as long and as wide as you wish. Square fire pits suit any architectural style, but they are especially beautiful with traditional brick and siding homes.

Decide on the Stones

Any existing brick and stonework in your landscape can serve as a guide for the kind of stones that would look best for an assimilated fire pit. You will want to choose stone colors that harmonize with the exterior look of your home. Larger fire pits can accommodate larger stones, while smaller fire pits should be composed of smaller or stacked stones for a finished appearance.

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What Goes Around a Fire Pit

Be sure to consider the landscaping around a fire pit—you don’t want any plants or grass so close that stray sparks cause trouble, but you may want plantings within the vicinity to add to your sense of privacy and peacefulness when it’s time to gather around the fire.

Lighting is another wonderful addition as it can extend your use of the fire pit longer into the night. One of the best things to put around your fire pit is comfortable furniture and a cabinet to hold warm throws and all the supplies for s’mores.