Make an Outdoor Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Northbrook, IL, Landscape Design

There may be no better centerpiece for a landscape than a fireplace. The sound and look of a crackling fire make it a feature your guests will be drawn to when they visit your Northbrook, IL, home. Putting it at the focal point of your landscape design is a great way to structure your entertaining space. Here are the main things to consider when you want your new outdoor fireplace to serve as a key feature of your landscape.


Which material you choose will have perhaps the greatest impact on the look of your fireplace. First, decide what style will best match with the aesthetic of your home. For a modern fireplace, the Moda fireplace from Unilock has clean-cut lines in a chic natural granite color. This option works well with homes that are newer or have a more contemporary style.

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The Bella fireplace has the appearance of stacked stone for a look that will make your focal point look straight out of nature. Finally, the Tuscany fireplace is made from Brussels Dimensional Stone for a rich, rustic feel that will match any home’s exterior. Whichever material you choose will have a significant impact on the look of your fireplace and the surrounding area.


The layout of your entertaining space will determine how dramatic the fireplace looks as the focal point of your backyard. The fireplace is an interactive feature that guests will flock to for light and warmth, and to watch the movement of the fire, so it’s important that the layout of your space flows from both the back entrance of your home and the yard entrance.

Perhaps you want the fireplace be the first thing in the line of sight as visitors progress one side of your yard to the next. Then consider making a clear path to the fireplace area, to naturally lead guests to where they can sit to admire the flames. If you’re incorporating the fireplace into a smaller area where there will also be an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or lounging space, you can solidify the fireplace as the focal point by arranging chairs and furniture that are turned toward the fire. Add a small table in the middle to hold drinks and a bright bouquet of flowers. This will naturally draw the eye to the fireplace, creating a gorgeous focal point no matter what’s alongside it.

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Additional Accents

Make an Outdoor Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Northbrook, IL, Landscape Design

Adding other elements to your fireplace can enhance its beauty and bring more functionality to the space. For example, some casual seating walls alongside the fireplace can highlight its height and also serve as a great place for an overflow of guests to hang out. A water feature near your fireplace can be a great addition that creates a dazzling contrast of sound and texture.

The majestic look of an outdoor fireplace makes it easy for it to become the focal point of any design. It’s as simple as choosing the right layout, materials, and accents, and you can make this feature into the crowning jewel of your landscape. It adds functionality to your living space, keeping you warm during the cooler months and providing light when your entertaining takes you into the night. For some more landscape design inspiration, visit the Our Work section of our website and check out our past jobs.

Image courtesy of Unilock.