How Landscaping Services Can Help You Get Green, Fertilized Grass in Highland Park, IL

When spring first arrives, no one’s lawn is in tiptop shape. Makes this the year that your grass will look its best. You can bring vibrance back to your Highland Park, IL, lawn with the help of landscaping services. When a lawn calls for help from experienced lawn care specialists, here’s what you can expect them to do:

The First Steps

How Landscaping Services Can Help You Get Green, Fertilized Grass in Highland Park, IL

One of the first things landscaping professionals will do is come to your home and assess the state of your lawn. For example, if your lawn is a light green or yellow color, this can be a result of overwatering, which washes away the nutrients. It could also mean a lack of fertilizer or possibly a combination of both issues. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence seen around spring time. A precise way to determine your lawn’s current status is through a soil test. Depending on the result of the test, a fertilization schedule will be developed to bring life back into the your lawn.

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Weed and Pest Removal

Fertilization isn’t the only thing that will help your lawn thrive. Weeds and pests are another main contribution of a damaged lawn. When the landscaper comes to assess your lawn, any invasive plants that are stealing nutrients from the grass around it will need to be identified. A not-so-obvious example of this is invasive grasses. You may have this problem if you find large patches of thick grass that poke above the existing (desirable) grass, eventually killing the grass around it. The landscaping professional will then choose an appropriate weed killer for the job. Using these products will help ensure the weeds are eliminated down to the root.

Aside from weeds, vermin and pests can cut through the roots of the grass while making tunnels. This then creates lines of dead grass running from one mound to the other. Common animals that exhibit this behavior are moles, voles, groundhogs, and even squirrels. If left unattended, the critters can breed fast and tear up the valuable soil that the grass needs to survive.

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Scheduled Mowing

To bring your lawn to its optimal state, a regular schedule is needed. When the landscapers arrive for the scheduled time, they will factor in the proper height of the mowing blade for the type of grass you have. Depending on the season, the lawn surrounding your Illinois home may need to be cut just over 3 inches in the warmer months or around 2 inches when it is cooler outside. The higher height helps to keep moisture in the soil, but the lower height is put in place when the plants need to put their energy into the roots. It’s true, though, that grass that is too tall will hinder its health. When your landscape contractor mows the lawn, they will mulch the extra clippings. This will feed the nutrients back into the soil. Otherwise the grass would be wasted. The reason the scheduled mowing is so important is because you do not want the grass to get too long. The root system needs to be healthy so that your lawn will thrive. This is why regular mowing is recommended.