10 Lawn Services to Enhance Your Glenview, IL, Property

The lawn of your home or business has a substantial effect on the property’s value, but doing what it takes to reach the level of beauty it deserves involves hard work and time that’s precious. Fortunately, you can secure lawn service in Glenview, IL, to provide specific treatments and procedures meant to enhance and maintain the beauty and health of your landscape.

1. Fertilizer

Proper nutrition for your lawn, applied at the right times, will make sure that your lawn grows luscious, thick, and pest-resistant. Professional landscapers know the right fertilizer to use for your grass, have access to the equipment needed, and possess the kind of experience needed to expedite the application without delay, at the right times of the year. Achieve a barefoot-worthy lawn with professional care that includes fertilizing.

2. Mowing

10 Lawn Services to Enhance Your Glenview, IL, Property

Take back your Saturdays! While mowing the grass may bring back fond, nostalgic memories of youth, most of us are short on time to do it ourselves. Instead of spending your precious time pushing or riding a lawn mower, spend it with family and friends pursuing activities you enjoy.

3. Irrigation

Keeping your plantings and lawn lively during the dog days of summer can be difficult. Lack of rain and intense sun can kill your grass, but irrigation can maintain the health of the lawn. An irrigation system offers an eco-friendly solution to keep everything in your landscape properly watered and thriving.

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4. Mulching

Mulch enhances your lawn in several ways. It prevents the soil from losing moisture, stabilizes temperatures, inhibits weed growth, and improves the overall aesthetic. Professional landscaping services could include installation, an annual freshening, as well as regular weed control.

5. Trimming

Unsightly growth of shrubs and trees is the antithesis of lawn enhancement. An unkempt yard will drive down the property value of your home as well as the surrounding neighborhood. However, trimming requires special tools and includes some element of danger to unsuspecting homeowners. Let the lawn service professionals handle the job of trimming to maintain the health of your greenery.

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6. Pest Control

Pests will eat your grass, mark your plantings, and annoy your guests. Make sure that your landscaping list includes a regular dose of pest control.

7. Sod Work

Whether you have damage due to pests, pets, or too much sun, count on professional sod work to replace damaged spots or even provide a fresh lawn when the grass is too far gone. You can do your part by staying off of the new sod for a few weeks until the roots attach firmly.

8. Planting

Installing plants is yet another job that is sometimes done by hobbyists but is best accomplished by professionals. They have the know-how and the manpower to get it done right, quickly.

9. Weed Control

Weeds grow wherever you allow them. Carried on wind, animals, and insects, the seeds for weeds are hardy and will grow where they land. This situation demands professional and consistent monitoring, prevention, and remediation.

10. Clean-up

Debris from passing motorists, careless guests, or even the leftovers of winter and spring storms is something that needs to be monitored for and promptly removed. Regular landscaping services ensure that you have a manicured lawn throughout the warmer months.