6 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Lake Forest, IL Outdoor Play Area

Where there is an outdoor play area, there should be an abundance of activity and memories being made. Whether you enjoy soaking up the sunshine, playing with the kids, or entertaining, the setting you do so in will play a large role in whether or not you are getting the most out of your space. Just because an area is outside of the walls of your house, does not mean that it is any less a part of your home. Your outdoor play area should be a place that you enjoy to be in. A place that is both beautiful and functional, as well as enhancing the quality of your time spent there. Read on for some landscape design ideas for your Lake Forest, IL outdoor play area.

Hedges and Tree Lines

6 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Lake Forest, IL Outdoor Play Area

Keeping the kids happy and safe should be the first objective of landscaping an outdoor play area. Using hedges and tree lines can provide a natural boundary and privacy from neighbors and other pedestrians. A tight hedge line will also prevent balls and other toys from escaping the play area and becoming potential targets for kids to chase after. Trees will offer shade during the sunny summer months and protection against wind as the seasons change.

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Stone and Pavers

Using stone to create walkways and pathways will create a safe way to traverse the outdoor play area and help keep foot traffic away from the areas where you do not want it.  Pavers can be used to create larger cut-outs around the perimeter of a kids outdoor play area, creating a nice place to put benches and gazebos where adults can converse and watch their little ones.


Creeping vines are another attractive way to add style and character to an outdoor play area. They can be used along fencing, pergolas, and gazebos to produce a whimsical look and bring the play area to life.

The Garden

Never underestimate the power of color. An outdoor play area can benefit from the addition of certain flowering plants. Selecting plants that attract butterflies is a great way to incorporate nature to the area. There are also plants that repel unwanted insects. Whether you desire a nice colorful garden at the perimeter of your outdoor play area or prefer to scatter potted masterpieces in and around the play area, adding color will only boost the experience of an outdoor play area.

Water Features

Keeping safety in mind when considering water features; they are attractive, fun and soothing landscape features that can really take an outdoor play area to the next level. There are so many ways to incorporate a water feature into an outdoor play area. Fountains, ponds and creeks are all beautiful and soothing options and can increase the value of a property. Laying an arched bridge over a creek or small pond can expand the play area and provide a fun way to map out zones. Water features do not have to be purely decorative. They can be used for creating splash pads, rain walls and other areas where a quick cool off would be much appreciated during the warmer months.

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Landscape Lighting

Do not forget about the lighting. Landscape lighting really brings an outdoor play area to life. It provides safety in the dark and adds beauty to any design. Consider incorporating one or more of these outdoor lighting ideas throughout your outdoor play area; including accent and spot lighting, solar lanterns, light-up planters, light strings and uplighting.