The Importance of Tree Pruning in Your Wilmette, IL, Lawn Care Service

The way that the trees on your Wilmette, IL, property are cared for today will influence how they will look for decades. That is why tree pruning should be a part of your regular lawn care service. Your local lawn care specialist will be keeping the following principles in mind as this work gets underway.

Each Cut Matters

The Importance of Tree Pruning in Your Wilmette, IL, Lawn Care Service

Some people look at tree pruning in a narrow way, as a task that is all about making the tree uniform and maintained, but there is actually much more to it. Tree pruning can be a very detailed process as each branch cut has the potential to change the entire shape and look of the tree. There is a particular expertise required to get it right: This is why a trained professional is a must for properly pruning your trees.

When to Prune the Trees

Pruning typically occurs at a certain time of the year, although an exception will be made if diseased or dead branches are visible. These branches can be removed at any point throughout the year with little to no damage to the tree. Otherwise, pruning tends to occur in early to mid-winter. The reason for this seasonal approach to pruning is trees have a cycle of activity where they go from dormant during the winter months to fully active during spring and fall.

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Pruning Strategies

While tree pruning will influence how the tree looks and grows, there are careful considerations to made during the process. The reasons arborists are so helpful is because they think ahead—they know how a cut of a branch made now could affect the aesthetic of the tree in the years to come. Arborists pay attention to the tree’s growth so that they can make cuts that leave the tree as sturdy as possible. For example, if the tree starts to lean toward a house at a young age, the arborist can prune it to favor the opposite side and, depending on the sun it gets, influence its growth for a better balance.

Another main strategy used to prune a tree is to stop diseased and compromising branches from forming. For example, a branch with a much higher bud ratio than the rest of the branches could result in a compromising weight when it is fully grown and lead to a weakness.

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Starting Young

Although pruning is an effective way to care for a tree throughout a tree’s lifetime, it is particularly effective during the early years of life. If a young tree is properly pruned throughout its early years, it may need little to no pruning once it is fully matured. During the tree’s early growth, this is also the time the arborist will establish a structure of primary branches, also known as scaffold branches, that will be the main supporting limbs when the tree is mature. This will not only look much more appealing, but it will also ensure a safe and well-distributed tree.

Properly caring for trees requires foresight, special training, and the right equipment. You need experts who understand the kind of trees you have in your landscape and have an eye for what’s necessary for each tree’s health now and into the future.