5 Tips for Lawn Care Service in the Highland Park, IL Area

Keeping a lawn manicured can prove challenging. It doesn’t take long for a lawn to show signs of deterioration due to everyday use and environmental conditions. As fall and winter approach, start considering which services are right for your lawn. Here are some tips for discerning between lawn care service options in the Highland Park, IL, area so that you can keep your lawn healthy, attractive, and safe.    

Site Conditions

5 Tips for Lawn Care Service in the Highland Park, IL Area

The site conditions play a huge role in how well the grass you have selected is going to flourish. There are numerous species of grass commonly found in our area and they all adapt differently to sun and shady conditions. Select turf that is specific to your site and you are on your way to a healthier lawn. Additionally, knowing what grass blend you are having serviced is going to be crucial when it comes time for fertilizing, re-seeding, re-sodding and re-planting.

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Pest and Disease Treatments

Having a flourishing turf means keeping it free from pests and disease. No grass is completely safe from pests and diseases, but there are proactive ways to prevent invasion. Understanding that your lawn is susceptible to things like white grubs and patch disease will have your service technique off to the right start. In fact, white grubs are known to be one of the most destructive pests to Illinois turf. What’s more, the threat of pests doesn’t stop there; beetles and rust disease are other common issues to avoid. It’s important that your lawn service includes routine and sufficient treatment for pests and disease control.


Proper irrigation is worth considering. If you have a large expanse of lawn, then having an irrigation system may be the best option for keeping it properly hydrated. If your space is manageable without the installation of irrigation, it is important to remember that your lawn needs water to survive, so you will information on how best to keep up with scheduled watering cycles. Lawn care service experts may recommend paying attention to the weather reports or a rain gauge to properly meet this responsibility.


Keeping your soil and grassroots in the proper condition to absorb fresh water and fertilizer can prove beneficial. This service will require some special lawn maintenance equipment. When used properly, they will loosen up the grass root and soil just enough to keep it from becoming so compact that water and nutrients have a hard time penetrating. A well-fertilized lawn is usually much healthier and can withstand much more. When it comes to the application of fertilizer and how often it is applied, your lawn care experts will take into consideration the type of turf you have, the environment, and conditions of your landscape.

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Whether the finishing touch is just a mow or includes edging, weeding, blowing, pruning, trimming and hedging the type of grass your turf consists of and the existing condition of your lawn needs to be considered at all times. Blade depths, frequency of mowing, foot traffic, and disturbance from these processes can be conducive to whether or not your lawn stays in its best shape. A service plan can deliver a beautiful lawn that’s had its precise needs addressed.