Updating your Highland Park, IL Front Walkway with Patio Pavers

Sprucing up your hardscape is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your property investment; especially with the addition of an updated walkway. A professional walkway adds purpose to an existing space and, at the same time, infuses it with character and style. Updating your Highland Park, IL front walkway with patio pavers will be one of the best choices you are yet to make!

Increased Value

Updating your Highland Park, IL Front Walkway with Patio Pavers

Landscape and hardscape improvements add value to your home. Updating your front walkway with patio pavers contributes to what you can achieve through landscaping. It is a great way to make a statement and draw attention to your home while enhancing its appeal. After all: your front yard, the front entrance, and most certainly, the front walkways constitute the first impression of your home. Studies have shown that putting effort into the curb appeal of a home can increase its value by up to 11% in certain areas.


Patio pavers are hardy. They can withstand most climates and handle freeze-thaw cycles fairly well. They are known to hold up for decades without calling for much maintenance. They are able to handle routine traffic and heavy impacts, making them ideal to use for walkways. Pavers are also able to flex and move as the underlying earth expands and shifts. This will help to prevent cracking and the formation of large damages that require replacement. 

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With concrete pavers, the color options are endless, so your walkway can be customized to suit your specific style. Pavers are installed individually, making your walkway even easier to customize. They can be laid in an array of patterns and layouts that add charm and sophistication to your landscape. A uniform paver pattern, on the other hand, is used to achieve a clean and contemporary look. Whatever your style, pavers are a popular option for front walkways thanks to their timeless appeal.

Slip Resistance

The texture of the average paver is naturally course. Even if the pavers are sealed, they are rough to the touch. This makes them naturally slip-resistant. Upgrading your walkway with the installation of patio pavers also means you are creating a safer place for your family and loved ones to walk. For a homeowner, the safer option is always the better option.

Reduced Repairs

Due to the way in which patio pavers are individually installed, they are easier to replace should they become damaged or stained. Unlike solid concrete slabs and other types of walkway materials, patio pavers are easily removed and replaced without disrupting their surroundings and without leaving behind patchy areas. When the time comes to replace a paver, you simply need to remove the damaged one and drop a new one in its place. 

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Upgrading your front walkway may lead to more hardscape renovations. Using patio pavers will enable the easy transition from your new walkway to upcoming driveway and patios projects. Patio pavers are easily matched, and maintain their hue and texture for years. So, when the time comes to upgrade the driveway or add a patio nearby, you will be able to do so without worrying about whether or not you will find the right materials.