Save Money With Proper Lawn Service in Buffalo Grove, IL

When the lawn care season rolls around and you feel nothing but dread, or perhaps you find all of the fertilizers, lime, and other chemicals confusing, consider saving both money and time with proper lawn service from an expert. You can actually save money using a lawn service to care for your Buffalo Grove, IL, landscape. Here’s how.

Lawn Service Skills on a Schedule

Save Money With Proper Lawn Service in Buffalo Grove, IL

When you choose to do-it-yourself, you miss out on the expert skills and knowledge of how to cultivate healthy soil, strong grass roots, and a lush stand of grass. When you have driven to the local home center for the third Saturday in a row trying to find something that will kill the dandelions and other weeds in your lawn, you have not only spent a significant amount of time and money, but you will probably still end up with weeds. 

Expert lawn care service provides you with access to supplements and additives that you probably wouldn’t be able to find at the lawn care center, and they know how to properly apply them to your lawn. 

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Proper Lawn Service

A proper lawn care service can keep your yard looking its best no matter the season in the following ways. 

Mulching: There are two types of mulch that help your yard look great. The first is using a mulching mower to cut the grass into tiny little particles that stay on the grass. As they decompose, they provide nutrients for the grass, protect the roots from the hot summer sun, and prevent the soil from compacting. This allows the oxygen to penetrate the roots.

The second type of mulching is the ground cover that goes in a landscape bed to provide a buffer from the heat for the plants there, while also retaining the moisture for the plants. 

Pest and disease treatments: Your lawn service can also treat for pests such as fire ants, grubs, and beetles—and that’s just for the summer months. After the cold winter, it’s not uncommon to have mold on parts of the grass, and debris on the yard from limbs and leaves that have fallen in the winter weather. Lawn service experts offer efficiency when they ready your lawn ready for spring.

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Weed treatment: Lawns need post-emergent weed treatment in the early fall and again just before winter to kill off the crabgrass and other weeds that have grown over the summer. A spring pre-emergent weed application could prevent any weeds that have left seeds from germinating and wreaking havoc in your summer grass. 

Fertilizer: Most homeowners don’t realize that fertilizer is specific to certain grasses and that the ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate must be right to feed the roots when they need it most. Also, the vehicle that supplies the nutrients to the roots is the soil, so if the soil is not healthy, the food is not available to the grass. 

Aerating: Lawns need to be aerated in the fall to allow the oxygen to reach the roots of the grass, as well as to help the new grass seed to sprout before the cold weather arrives. Oxygen, along with sunlight and the nutrients from the soil, is crucial to the health of your lawn.