Stunning Landscape Design in Lake Forest IL


When you’ve been in the landscape design business as long as we have, you know a few tips and tricks of the trade – tips and tricks we’ll put to use for you.

But before we dive into all the planning and the sketching, our number one goal is to get to know you. Why? Well, beyond genuinely enjoying the company of our customers, it lets us truly understand what you want from your outdoor living space – even if you don’t know you want it.

Functional landscape design in Lake Forest, Illinois

Landscape Design Lake Forest IL

The Functionality of Seat Walls for Your Lake Forest, IL, Landscape Design

Seat walls are becoming more and more popular, and it is no surprise why. These trendy multi-use hardscape features can not only enhance the visual effects of your Lake Forest, IL, outdoor living space, but they can double as functional features as well. Seat walls serve a necessary function, create focal points, help resolve issues with problem areas such as sloping, drainage and erosion, as well as provide safety barriers.

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Stunning and classic landscape design in Lake Forest, IL

How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Get the Best Landscape Lighting Design for Your Lake Forest, IL, Home

If you have ever driven around your Lake Forest, IL, neighborhoods and noticed homes with landscape lighting, you have seen how special those properties become at night. Such lighting brings out the features of the landscape design in an entirely new way when the sun goes down.

It can be difficult for most homeowners to know which of their landscape features would benefit from landscape lighting that would create such an effect for their own property, and this is where a landscape specialist can help.

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