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Enhancing Your Already Great Space.

Brick paving is an investment of time, energy, and money. And we can help extend that investment for years to come. 

Installing brick pavers is an incredibly convenient and durable method for creating beautiful hardscapes throughout your property. But just like any other method of hardscaping, brick pavers are not immune to the wares of time, weather, use, or accidents. 

As an authorized Unilock contractor, we’re more than equipped to handle any servicing of your brick paver hardscaping, including the following and more:





If you’ve recently installed brick pavers yourself, we offer sealing services that will not only protect and extend your investment but will enhance the rich color of your pavers. 

If you’re looking to revitalize your existing hardscape, we can wash, sand, reseal, and fill cracks, as well as help you find the right replacements for damaged brick pavers, straighten pieces that have shifted, and address any other issues that may have come up over the years of wear and tear. 

Bottom line? Joe & Tony Landscaping can help extend the life of your brick pavers, letting you get even more time and enjoyment out of your outdoor space.

True professionals, lovely to work with. Every aspect of any project was completed to beyond my liking!
— S Jurisic, Google

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